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Adam Lambert včera na svém Twitteru  udělal dá se říct párty!Tudíž se mohl kdokoliv na něco zeptat.Adam dostal opravdu hodně otázek od svých pronásledovatelů.Tady některé jsou [bohužel v Aj] :

Q: @adamlambert have you ever been to Ireland? You should do a show here. You have a lot of Irish fans.

A: @ChloeMythen doing a show in Dublin in December I believe! :) I was there once years ago. Love the accent. 

Q: @adamlambert Are you going to do concert tours? I really love you and I want you to come to vegas!! :)

A: @GabyBieberLover Just in Vegas last night! If you wanna know when I'm visiting your area on the Glam Nation Tour, go to http://j.mp/5AUXLp go to events. 

Q: @adamlambert When do you expect to get this tattoo sleeve action going?

A: @catcherofdreamz Workin on it! Prob gonna do some classic Iconography then fill up the rest w some baroque swirly action :) 

Q: @adamlambert are you coming to the UK for a tour? I love you!

A: @24793x yes! Touring the UK in the Fall. Stay tuned for dates! 

Q: new @adamlambert drawing on Twitpic: http://twitpic.com/23v8s9 via @addthis

A: @DreamBeliever08 Whoever drew this is a fantastic Artist!! 

Q: @adamlambert , can i PLEASE have your hat from the 'If I Had You' music video???

A: @simmalamb it wasn't mine! Ha! Borrowed from costume house. 

Q: @adamlambert what's the strangest place you've woken up

A: @lovelyfreak in a park in the bushes. Many years ago... W a killer hangover. That was a wake up call! 

Q: @adamlambert What was the inspiration behind Rabbit Hole?

: @MsBroadwayBound The expansion of ones consciousness

Q: @adamlambert how tall ru?

A: @pearliaj I'm 6'1". Upon meeting me, one of the most common comments is "omg you're so much taller than you look on TV" 

Q: @adamlambert what do you have on replay on your ipod right now?

A: @deb_forman I am currently addicted to two pop tunes I just downloaded: Mike Posner's "Please Don't Go" and Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" 

Q: @adamlambert Favorite movie 'character'?

: @NotClaraBow Brian Slade - Velvet Goldmine

Q: @adamlambert why aren't you coming to LA?? Your biggest fans are here!! I would do anything to get you to LA!! lol

A: @DinkaKartinka workin on it!! Ask my agent! Hahah 

Q: @adamlambert Is there a single moment U can think of that is ur biggest regret? Did it change everything? AND would U change it if U could?

A: @vampyvet Absolutely NO regrets 

Q: @adamlambert Does Dusty Madrid have potential for a handlebar mustache?

A: @Jessica0206 yes! Someone Photoshop one in!! 

Q: @adamlambert incase twitlonger hates me - what is your actual eye color? looks different in all my photos. need it for my tattoo :D

A: @ZaraLipstixx it changes. Pale Blue/gray/green 

Q: @adamlambert If you went to a foreign country today which would that be?

A: @alrahrahahahah I am so excited to visit both Italy and France. :) Glam Nation is coming!!! Would also love to vacation in Greece, see the ruins of Egypt, and party in Spain.

Q: @adamlambert do you and @TommyJoeRatliff ever kiss off stage? or is it just for the show? 

A: @LAMBERTLUST hahah. That's entirely up to your imaginations! Fantasy is so much hotter than reality most of the time. 

Q: @adamlambert what does Dusty drink? Margaritas or beer?

A: @Bluelens1 Paps Blue Ribbon 

Q: @adamlambert just wondering.. do you shave your legs?

A: @rachel_fabs95 hahaha fuck no 

Q: bwhahahahahaahaha wow RT LoveRatliff: @adamlambert IS TOMMY STRAIGHT?!!?! YES OR NO?!?!?

A: @GlittahOnMyFace yup straight! He's just sensitive and likes lookin pretty. 

Q: How much do I miss you? Haha RT @adamlambert: Twitter party time!! Ask me some stuff. I will answer!! :)

A: @BambolaBambina not a much as I miss you!!! 

Q: @adamlambert how much do u love me!??

A: @alisanporter I adore you from the bottom of my soul 

Q: @adamlambert when are you coming back to CA and how did you get so badass?!? ahhhhhh! *fans self, etc. :P

A: @simoncurtis not home till December...

Q: @adamlambert how'd you get to be so cool???

A: @IlseyJ 'shutup! :) 

-interjection from adam: K ladies you know u love you to death... But where are my gays at?? :) -

Q: @adamlambert Are you planning on writing more on the next cd?

A: @AriesWomanMarie yup :) 

Q: @adamlambert Would you like to share Spaghettios with Colton and I?

A: @Nick_Mo sounds divine 

Q: @adamlambert Do you keep a scrap book of all your shows? B/c if so I have some great photos you could add from your show in Chesaning, MI

A: @Tree_10 nope. Not materialistically sentimental... 

Q: @adamlambert ..no questions...just love you...xox

A: @scarlett_cherry I love YOU!! 

Q: @adamlambert Why so many video nazis at venues? Don't you like the fan vids? If ur mgmt doesn't like them, why don't they do it themselves?

A: @Glambert1904 I know!! My Mgmt has nothing to do w it though... It's the venue rules. I truly don't mind

Q: @adamlambert here! Busy choreographing a striptease to "Fever". Lol!

A: @JoeRHarris werk 

Q: -protected tweet-

A: @stayingcrazy sounds delightful. :) 

Q: @adamlambert um cmon! I'm around!!!

A: @jairodriguez break legs in Vegas!!! 

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1 Ivushka Ivushka | Web | 2. srpna 2010 v 13:35 | Reagovat

Ahoj. Psala jsi mi o spřátelení. Moc ráda spřátelím, půjdu si tě přidat..:)

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